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so into fresh web / media / information technologies: INTERCONNECTION TECHNIQUES:

Volution Labs is your node for special media / information / web needs

Volution Labs does optimization cross levels and spheres.

with meaningful combinations interaction can become creative communication reflective engagement relation management knowledge society information-driven paradigmatic shift connect big data / open data knowledge models open standards accessability published data extract knowledge connect effectively combine meaningful intelligent verknbüpfen / kombinieren next net viz / comb what exchange technologies

From Responsive Web Design to Semantic Web / Knowledge Environments / Linked Data / Transmedia Solutions - Volution Labs offers modern Technology Solutions in the consciousness of time and space, with holistic and sustainable perspective.


contents, classes, types metadata / information management - digital & analog - content- objectifications and trans-methods : Content Strategy Content & Meta-Text/-Data Improvement : Relationship / Context : relevant connections & framesets HTML5 CSS3 Processwire Drupal/TYPO3 Javascript Animation / Effects WebGL three.js fresh spaces multi device / platform / information spread paths alternative reality Communication Strategies & Concepts innovative solutions Conception Realization Organisation Dramaturgie Applications / Infrastructures/ Solutions Procedure Work Flow Work Space Space Environment Offered Methodics

Information / Archive / Semantic Solutions

Improvement Environments / Semantic Based Knowledge Systems Archive Concepts / Linking Data / Connecting to -> to generate forward looking applications / functions and sets -> to merge meaningful information architecture informations systeme hypertextualität tags, nodes, rules, scripts, functions, render() Node / ID / Set Organization Structural Linkage / Flows frameset merge & mashups combining multiple - enabling connection for Museums, etc. Information / Data Design Visualization / Modelling / 3D.js Data Integration

Transmedia Strategy

Interaction & Immersion Design Social Media Strategy Experience Design Media Services Video Photography

Web Design

Websites Responsive Layouts CMS semantic Wiki (MediaWiki) Sexy Dynamic Web Design Logo Corporate Identity Graphic Design Visitenkarten Poster Flyer Kataloge Broschüren Beschilderung Banner Package Design Product Design Surface & Interface Design Display / Space Design o

Education / Training

novel technologies medienkompetenz Knowledgemanagement / Wissensmanagement in 21st century Information Technology Distributed Knowledge / Education Systems / enabling technologies availability & access reuse & redistribution versioning Environment Improvement




getting out of the local minima

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